The Freemasons of 
Gardnerville, Nevada 
Welcome you
Carson Valley Lodge # 33 is the home of  the Gardnerville 
F & AM (Free & Accepted Masons) Freemasons. 
Our Stated Meeting is third Tuesday of every month at 7 PM, dinner at 6 PM.

We have a Lodge of Instruction, every Tuesday at 6 PM
(Lodge will be working in July and August.)

The Fraternity:
Freemasonry is a fraternal organization, with a membership of about 1.4 million in the United States alone.  Freemasonry exists in many different countries and in a variety of forms - with over 4 million Freemasons worldwide.  One of the chief guiding principles of Freemasonry is a shared moral center, and joining requires a declaration of a belief in a supreme being or God (based on your religion).
Freemasons are not allowed to solict for membership to their fraternal organization.  If you are interested in joining the freemason fraternity, you must ask a Freemason and petition the Lodge to join.  (thus the saying -"To be one, ask one." or 2B1 Ask1) 

We also have a catch phrase - "Making good men better."  So, like the Marines, we are looking for a "few good men".  If you believe you are one of the "few good men" and are like-minded, we encourage you to contact us and start the process of becoming a Freemason.  Our moral philosophy, and what we stand for is on the "About us" page.  Our role in society and our qualifications to join are found on left of the same page.

The Organization
Freemasonry is organized into a series of Grand Lodges.  Each of these Grand Lodges governs a particular jurisdiction (in the US, it is by State), with the jurisdiction comprised of a number of constituent lodges.  Freemasonry also includes a number of other bodies, in essence organizations that maintain their own independence (known as appendant bodies).  Examples of appendant bodies include "the Shriners", Royal Arch, Knights Templar, York Rite, Scottish Rite, and others.  There are also a number of youth organizations.  Every day, Freemasons and their appendant bodies contribute over $3 million to charity.
When Freemasons are asked to define their organization, they are likely to define it as a fraternity with a shared morality.  Freemasons often equate the structure and moral center of their organization to the tools and implements of the stonemason - as these are used as symbols in their teaching. 
Even though freemasonry is often referred to as a secret society, in reality, this is not the case.  Indeed, it is not a secret society at all, simply a fraternity - with some secrets.  
While certain aspects of the organization remain a closely guarded secret, the freemasons of the modern age have become less secret than their reputation would suggest.  In fact, many of the private rituals and aspects of the freemasons that remain secret are used primarily to allow members of different lodges to recognize one another so that impersonators or impostors cannot infiltrate their lodges and so that the lessons that are taught remain a special experience for new members.

If you are interested:

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our fraternity and Freemasonry.  You can:
  • Walk in and talk to us - as noted on the right side of this page
  • Call the Lodge secretary at - 775-392-3102 
  • Drop us an e-mail - see the Contacts page - send to - cvlodge33@yahoo.com 
  • Read a bit more here and elsewhere and let us know by using one of the above options to contact us
If you are one of "the Good Guys" that meet the qualifications on the "About Us" page, we would certainly be happy to have you become a member of the Freemason fraternity.

The Carson Valley 33 Story

The Masons of the Carson Valley (Minden and Gardnerville, south of Carson City), which began as a community in about 1885, began to speak of forming a Masonic Lodge in the area early in 1914, and their efforts resulted in the authority to organize the lodge was granted, and a dispensation was issued on March 14, 1914, with the chartering of Carson Valley Lodge #33 taking place on the 10th of June of that year.

The first meetings were held in the Odd Fellows Hall (as were many of the early lodges in Nevada), and the Lodge flourished - nearly doubling in membership in its first year!

In 1921, the Lodge built the edifice pictured below, with commercial space on the ground floor and Lodge rooms above, according to tradition.

However, "fate reared its ugly head", and with the economic decline in 1932 (part of the Great Depression), the membership of the Lodge had declined to the point where they could no longer meet their obligations and the property fell into foreclosure. With the debt and responsibility for the building no longer hanging heavily around the neck of the Lodge, the Lodge rebounded and flourished, and arrangements were made with the new owners of the building to allow the Lodge to rent the space and continue to meet in the upper chambers - as they do today.  Finally, in 2003, the members of Carson Valley Lodge # 33 repurchased the building and now own it. 

Carson Valley Lodge #33 meets in this proud building - their door is at the lower right of this picture (with the square and compasses above the door). This building sits on the east side of U.S. Highway 395 (1419 HWY 395) in downtown Gardnerville, NV. 

The cornerstone of Carson Valley Lodge #33 was laid by the Grand Lodge of Nevada in 1919.  There is a long series of steps that work their way up to the the Lodge on the second story of this old building.  The steps have been custom built to remind every Mason of certain teachings that are instrumental in all Masonic lodges.  A portion of the stairway can be seen below.

We normally have a small dinner (or a bite to eat) before our Lodge meetings.  We get together about an hour prior to our Stated Meeting (see time and date of meeting above).  If you would like to join us to ask questions about the fraternity, please feel free to "drop in on us". Stop by, introduce yourself, and then feel free to ask your questions.  We'll answer as many as we can.  The door is always open to all good men.